About Becky:

Becky Seldon is a Functional Nutrition Consultant, Health & Wellness Coach, GUT Microbiome Coach and a smartDNA Practitioner who helps people identify their health and wellness goals according to their lifestyle (including exercise, diet, health & wellness goals) and their individual genetic DNA makeup.

A Mum of two, Becky, started her Nutrition and Health & Wellness Coaching and Consulting, after changing career paths from Teaching to her passion of guiding and helping guide and support people through their own health and wellness journey.

Prior to raising her family, Becky spent 11 years as a competitive athlete and then Teaching primary school aged children. Today Becky offers a range of programs and services – from individual coaching/workshops/retreats; individual genetic DNA coaching (Practitioner) and microbiome health analysis.

To contact Becky, please visit http://killarahealth.com.au or email Becky on becky@killarahealth.com.au for more information.