First Steps to Change Program

6 week Online Fully Supported Program         *In the Comfort of your Own Home *

Not sure how to get your health back on track?

Need some help and guidance in the right direction?

Follow our guided online 6 Week program with our Functional Nutrition Consultant Becky Seldon.  Learn how to eat well for your health, remove toxins from your home and environment and make sustainable changes for your health and the health of your loved ones.  Guided weekly meetings are included and an online fully supported group to help you on your new health journey.

Two options available

  • Tuesday 9:30am March 19th – Tuesday, April 23rd 2019, Group 1
  • Tuesday and Thursdays 7pm, March 12th – March 28th 2019, Group 2
  • Queensland Times and Dates (Australia)
  • Click below for more information.

Health Program Details

Health Programs Details

6 Week Guided Back to Health Program Includes:

  • Weekly Zoom meetings with a small group.
  • Group Facebook Page where you can ask questions, see the weekly uploads, interact with the Admin and Functional Nutrition expert
  • A fully supported environment to ask questions and alleviate the stress of following a strict routine.
  • Travel at your own pace and be part of a new journey to health.
  • Priceless information for you to incorporate with yourself and your family.
  • Ongoing access to information, files (just in case you miss the meeting or would like to hear it again)
  • Discount Voucher for future ‘Killara Health’  and Wellness Retreat, Books, Coaching and Events.