Biohawk Pine Crush


BIOHAWK Pine Crush – Natural Digestion Aid 35g

Makes 250ml

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BIOHAWK Pine Crush – Natural Digestion Aid

Biohawk Pine Crush Natural Digestion Aid Powder – 35g

Makes 250ml.

Boihawk Pine Crush has been shown to digest phlegm in the throat and lungs. It was developed to remove the carbohydrate coating on Gram-negative bacteria that binds to membrane proteins preventing the ginger digesting these proteins. Biohawk Pine Crush is a natural digestion aid that comes in a dry powder form and is stable at ambient temperatures.  WHen made up it keeps for 30days in the fridge.

Biohawk Pine Crush is to be taken taken before meals and is safe for children and adults.

How do I take Pine Crush? Pine Crush solution made from dissolving the powder in water and making the solution up to 250mL (store refrigerated). The levels taken are ½ teaspoon for an infant under 10Kg, 1 teaspoon for a child under 30Kg, and 2 teaspoons (a dessertspoon) usually twice a day prior to meals, increased to 3 times a day for serious conditions.

Ingredients: dry powder of a pineapple juice.

Store sealed in a cool dry place.


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