Changing Habits Changing Lives Book Pack


Changing Habits Changing Lives Book Pack

Changing Habits Changing Lives Book and Cookbook


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Changing Habits Changing Lives Book Pack

Changing Habits Changing Lives Book and Cookbook

Changing Habits Changing Lives is a Step by Step way to look into your life and lifestyle and make adjustments and improvements in you eating and everyday life. Great education and easy to follow steps to getting your health and education about food back on track.

Changing Habits Changing Lives Recipe Book – is a collection of over 200 healthy and easy to follow recipes that are easy to make and taste delicious!  This Recipe Book is the perfect gift for a loved one or just for yourself. With this book, it will be easy to get your children and family involved in the cooking process too.

Simple and delicious, these recipes will help you cook enjoyable meals for yourself, friends and family with a minimum of fuss.

The mouth-watering recipes are divided up into easy to follow sections – breakfast, breads and muffins, drinks, soups and slow-cooked meals, salads, main meals, fermented foods, condiments, dips/spreads, snacks, desserts and treats. It includes your Changing Habits favourites as well as lots of new additional recipes.

Have fun, experiment, swap ingredients around that suit your individual body. Grow your own vegetables where possible, even if it is just a smalI herb garden and most of all, enjoy the health benefits that good eating can provide.

Changing Habits philosophy is based on eating whole foods. This means choosing ingredients that are as close as possible to their natural sources. Eat real butter – not margarine, which is an artificial product that scientific studies have implicated in the increasing incidence of some modern diseases. Eat real unrefined sugar – not some artificial sweetener or wheat based sugar (dextrose) created in a laboratory.

Cook real healthy food today, which is full of flavour as well as nourishing your body.



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