The Full Health Overhaul Package


The Full Health Overhaul Package!!

with Functional Nutrition Coaching and Consultant.

This package has so much $$$ value to offer.  If your health and wellness needs lots of support and you need answers, then this total package is perfect for you!
Please click for a full explanation of what’s involved.  You won’t be disappointed!


The Full Health Overhaul Package

with Functional Nutrition Coaching and ‘on call’ Consultant.

WOW!   Need a Full Life/Body Overhaul and don’t know where to start?  This complete package has everything you need to get your life back on track and you’ll be fully supported all the way.
Let me help coach you through the tough pieces and hard parts and together we’ll put together a complete health coach support package just right for you.
The Full Health Overhaul won’t leave you disappointed.
It includes:
The smartDNA testing and Results package (worth $587), *check it out here
The smartMicrobiome Testing and Results Package (Value $529.97)  *check it out here
The 1:1 Health Coaching Package – (3 months) – (Value $247). *check it out here
This package includes: One introductory Session (1 hr) Available via Zoom/Skype/One on One meeting 6 sessions in total (via /Zoom/ phone/Skype/Google if you’re not local). That includes the Introductory session, and follow up session (First Month), 2 Sessions (2nd Month), 2 Sessions (3rd Month). E-mail support between sessions. Coaching and support to help you make the dietary and lifestyle changes you want. Optional discounted follow up sessions and discounts. My personal commitment and dedication to your health, wellness and success!
The GUT Health Workshop Online (Value $115)
A copy of my New Recipe eBook – ‘What’s For Lunch?’ (Value $14.97) *check it out here
Recipes/ Shopping Lists and help with Meal planning and Pantry Setup Discussions (Value $327)
Breakfast eBook – for super nutrition and quick health options (Value $19.97)
An Essential Oils online class or in person (if with traveling distance) on living Toxin free/Emotional Support or your choice of topic with free membership fee paid (Value $35).
Future discount Code for product purchases and Wellness Workshops (Value over $50).
A starter package of essential Vitamins and Minerals – to help you kickstart your journey (Value $298)
TOTAL VALUE +$2247.97
PRICE $1747.00





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