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Why We Should Eat Fermented Foods!

Studying peoples gut microbiome, as part of my job, gives me an inside story that sits in my GUT.  Not only have I rarely seen a beautifully equipped biome, but I’ve seen how complex and out of whack our bodies really are.  Our GUT Microbiome has been in the limelight of late and for good reason.  An unhealthy Gut has now been associated with an unhealthy brain1

The Gut has recently been documented as our second brain.  When both aren’t working to their best ability, it seems that neither of them are able to work to their best.

The Gut microbiome is a complex, individual and mischievous part of the human anatomy.  What does yours say about you?

Have you ever had antibiotics?

Have you ever had diarrhoea?

Have you ever been on a trip overseas?

Been sick?

Upset tummy?


Tired or fatigued?

Had allergies?

Skin Rashes?

These may be an indicator that your Gut has an issue.

Ferments, especially controlled ferments i.e. Kultured Wellness, are a wholefood extremely high potency CFU count probiotic wholefood culture.  They contain high numbers of beneficial bacteria that may of us seem to be lacking.  With anything I put in my body, I’d rather go for the live, ‘whole foods first’ approach to help me rebuild my gut biome and repopulate it with the good guys!  Fermenting helps start to break down the foods in a pre-digested way so our body can use it faster with less effort in the digestive tract.  This is very helpful especially if we are fighting infection, inflammation or disease.  Fermentation also helps our gut bacteria thrive and can add additional bacteria to our guts’.  This helps increase the integrity of the gut lining and dampens the immune system2.

Check out my video below on how easy it is to make your own Kefir Culture and add more probiotics to your daily regime.

If you’d like more information on getting your Gut Microbiome tested or learning how to ferment, please contact me at Killara Health or at


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